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Glyphosate Damage to Tight Junctions

Without RESTORE at 2 minutes
Without RESTORE at 10 minutes
With RESTORE at 2 minutes
With RESTORE at 10 minutes

How It Works

You are probably well aware of the toxicity of our modern world. Glyphosate and other harmful chemicals are everywhere: the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. Armed with this knowledge, the question of how to protect yourself suddenly seems very complicated. While the science behind how RESTORE works is anything but simple, the idea behind it is quite straightforward: start with tight junction function, the rest will follow.  

Tight junctions (the seals between cells) fortify our gut linings. Good health depends entirely on the gut, and a healthy gut depends on tight junction integrity. When tight junctions are exposed to glyphosate and other ubiquitous environmental toxins, they break apart, allowing foreign particles to invade the bloodstream. This compromises your immune system.

RESTORE helps maintain tight junction integrity, pure and simple. This encourages better cell-to-cell communication, a more diverse microbiome, and a protected immune system. What follows amounts to nothing short of complete well-being.

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